SG O.xiboost™

Boosts  & accelerates the ability of SEA GLOW™ to remove yellowing and increase whitening.


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SEAGLOW O.Xiboost provides a gentle source of free radical oxygen (O.) that is carried into rubber & plastics by constituents of regular SEA GLOW™.

It accelerates the anti-yellowing and whitening effects of SEA GLOW™ without interfering with its other anti-aging properties.

It contains a very weak and safe solution of Hydrogen Peroxide that is protected from breakdown by the black container.

Wipe on the surface just before application of genuine ISLAND GIRL® SEA GLOW™, followed by gentle scuffing of the surface (3M pad).

Then, while avoiding overheating, expose to a source of UV (daylight or UV lamp).

On NEW ITEMS, use SEA GLOW™ alone or as part of our "New Shoe Kit" that also contains surface protectants

This product is now available in our online store, both as an individual item, or as a free companion product with single bottles of our classic SEA GLOW™

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