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August-September 2019: A personal message from Dr. Anthony L. Willis, Founder of ISLAND GIRL® Products:

What I did during your Summer Holidays..... While plans for eventual retirement and relocation are delayed I have had to revisit our product formulae, even though they had been perfected over more than 20 years.

Why? major chemical suppliers from whom we purchase our ingredients have been consolidating and discontinuing certain products with no warning, or changing specifications of ingredients we have been using all these years. Then, when we find  "offsets" for an ingredient, there is no guarantee that it will behave exactly like the ingredient we replaced.

Our most urgent focus was upon MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ and related resin-based products.

Faster Curing:

We met requests for faster curing of the coating by increasing ratio of the fast setting resin component, but because of the number of ingredient changes, we went back to basics looking logically at different ratios of the three main resin components while field testing the results on my own boat and on an old Mazda van.  I also sent out the most promising versions to two of our key "Dealaitors" who have had years of experience with our products. Erica Liepelt (Bristol Yacht Services) made the further discovery that our SB Catalyst™ could be applied to the partially cured resin coating, greately accelerating the hardening of the resins so that two coats of MIRROR HARD™ could be applied in one day.

Optimal Shine:

Having settled on that process we had next to adjust the "dimethyl siicone" (DMS: gloss-producing components). A previously discontinued resin ingredient already had the optimal amounts but we had to determine it for ourselves. Note:  Wax itself is NOT shiny. Liquid waxes and "quick-shine" products contain low molecular weight DMS, paste waxes contain higher molecular weight DMS. that  is more durable but difficult to spread. THAT is what produces the shine.

After trial and error additions we finallly settled upon an optimal ratio of DMS components without excessive oiliness.i

Sticky Surface Residue:

A minor annoyance when using MIRROR HARD Superglaze™  is a slightly sticky/oily residue of additives that rise to the top of the cured coating that has to be gently wiped off exposing the fresh resin coating. Wiping too hard or too soon spoils the shine, while leaving it to dry and attract dirt then makes  removal more difficult.  Use of water and microfiber cloth helps but we needed to eliminate the problem.

So we developed SLICKSEAL™ a new product based upon our SB Catalyst™  but also containing a sealing material (similar to SILKENSEAL™) and a shine-enhancing DMS that also dissolves away the surface residue, leaving a nice shine.  This can be done AFTER the coating has dried or (preferable) as the coating is almost set up, so the new surface is already shiny and free of surface residue. This new SLICKSEAL™ product is now available for sale alone or as part of our new Hawaiian 2-Step Kits.


Anthony L. Willis Ph.D

President Island GIrl Products