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June 2019: A personal message from Dr. Anthony L. Willis, Founder of ISLAND GIRL® Products....Following thoughts during Fathers' Day....

I have no biological children, but ISLAND GIRL® has been the baby that myself and my wife Tina started back in 1995.  As "Father of the Company" it is up to me to see that my baby thrives, does not die and goes to a good home (or group of homes). I thought that I had no heirs - but I do: the long standing customers and Dealaitors™ who swear by our products even though they can get any other product out there in the marine stores. Therefore......

Plans for eventual retirement and relocation are delayed maybe until late 2020 because THINGS TAKE TIME - specially working without an extensive team of helpers.

However, we have made progress in the main steps as follows:

•Convert all available raw material into finished product (now on schedule for end of June 2019).

•Restock key ingredients and establish/update RELIABLE supply chains for chemical ingredients by August-October 2019.

•Partially move manufacture and sales efforts to US Mainland (Starting in July-August 2019 in CA )

•Pre-position product with our Dealaitors™, in my future office in Majuro (2020) and in an office in Honolulu staffed by an expert and loyal Office Assistant.  Note: Product inventory in Majuro is for local use and for "back up" shipment to the USA.

•Delegate trusted manufacturers and individuals with existing formulae in case of emergency spikes in demand and/or my demise or incapacity.

•Set up communication network for processing and fulfilling orders, as originally planned but first get it working in USA

•Only relocate to Majuro after establishing a home there, with all personal issues and logistical issues resolved with host family.

•Prepare to sail to Majuro during 2020 in my Gulf 32 SAILBOAT. but making at least one visit by air for preparation purposes. An alternative is to sell the boat.

•I will then Semi-Retire, doing internet promotion, invention and quality control - formulation improvement. There is also a Community College that might allow me to teach Biology and do some research.

The Main Objective is to maintain viability of the ISLAND GIRL® Brand and make sure that long term (customer-owners) will always be able to obtain the products they love and have the opportunity to prosper financially.