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May  2022: A personal message from Dr. Anthony L. Willis, Founder of ISLAND GIRL® Products:

As stated in March 2020, I had planned to semi-retire in the Marshall Islands where I would continue participation with regards to online promotion via the Newsletter, and website maintenance. I would also be involved in formulation and invention of products.  I  had planned to move onto my Gulf 32 sailboat and then voyage to Majuro in the Marshall Islands later that year. Well fate, in the form of Covid-19  interfered with those plans but I still made it here to Majuro after a single handed almost two  month voyage in 2021 and set up key aspects of the ISLAND GIRL® Company here in Majuro.

I celebrated by 80th Birthday on October 28th 2021  by swimming in an oceanside pool by the airport and then went dancing (or tried to with my sciatica problems!).  We celebrated a US style Thankgiving on Nov 25th. Meanwhile, my poor old boat is slowly being refurbished. We are measuring the old genoa for a replacement sail. The corrosion-seized starter motor is being replaced this week. Then, myself and adoptve family can start taking pleasure trips and they can learn how to sail. By the way for those of you who might have a Gulf 32, I wrote up a description on how to  reinforce the mast compression post and other jobs prior to my trip.  I just recently came accross this article about seasonal sailing conditions in the Marshaal Islands.

Overcoming Logistical problems: The Marshall Islands goverment is still wary of opening their borders in order to prevent Covid-19 since we are free of the problem here. Logistical problems of mailing out products are largely solved via the use of USPS flat rate boxes. Now we are beginning to get low on supplies such as empty bottles and some chemicals. That is why we are temporarily out of our very popular SILKENSEAL™ protectant. We are bringing in some product from our partner Steve Patterson in California and waiting for ingredients from the mainland USA. Personal friends in Hawaii have been helpful in sending supplies of microfiber cloths, scuff pads and items from our storage unit.

Even here, World Geopolitics  can affect us. So far inflation has only affected the price of gasoline (now about $7 per gallon). Remoteness of the Marshalls means total dependance upon Satellite Communication via the National Telecommunication Authority (NTA) that provides all telephone and internet services. Coincident with the start of the Ukraine war, there were some whole days of internet service interrruptions that also affected our Magic Jack phone and text messaging service. according to an article in the Marshall Islands Journal malicious hacking was suspected.  Although these problems are now fixed.There is also talk of introducing Elon Musk's Starlink satellite constellation.

Health and Mortality Issues: Sciatica and back pain issues have not gone away but I am learning to live with them and keep going even if more slowly. I am training family members on website maintenance mixing product etc, but Steve Patterson in Oxnard CA is the main person to continue unless I sell the business or the formulae. All for now,


Anthony L. Willis Ph.D, President IGP