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Catalyst & Shine Protectant


Used alone it replaces all "clean & shine" products such as Armorall® or TopCoat® for maintaining the appearance of new paintwork, chrome, gelcoat metal, clear plastics, even glass - more cost effective too! Use with the microfiber cloths supplied.

It is a uniquely effective adjunct to MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ and ELIXIR™ Products, because:

It incorporates our secret SB Catalyst™ formula  that accelerates curing of the resins in the MIRROR HARD™ (or SIMPLY BRILLIANT™). Note: To avoid slipperiness, do not use on textured non-slip surfaces.

Applied after oxidation removal, by our Cleanser-Conditioners or ELIXIR™, the product not only provides SB catalyst™, but also seals excess gelcoat porosity that can "soak up" MIRROR HARD™  leaving dull areas. Just apply and rub-out to dryness as usual.

After applying a coat of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ , allow at least 20 min to commence curing, then repeatedly spritz with SlickSeal™ and gently wipe. Allow more time for the resins to cure. When the MIRROR HARD™ coating is thoroughly cured (3-24 hours depending on ambient temperature and sunshine) use more SlickSeal™,  buffing to a slick shiny surface. Periodically (every few weeks after wash-downs), SlickSeal™ is used to clean and touch up the surface shine. It can also minimize "black streaks" or other stains due to run off. The water-beading protection of MIRROR HARD™ lasts 3 years, but this way undiminished shine can be maintained  between annual or biennial reapplication coats.

There is no other product in world that has these properties:


SlickSeal™     Incorporating SB Catalyst™

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